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Technology is changing the way we do business each day. The world of information technology is evolving so rapidly that today's solutions are tomorrow's anchors. At First Light, we have the experience and insight companies require that enable us to design solutions for you that will catapult your business to stretch to its fullest potential. First Light offers many different and custom solutions. Listed below are some of our most common:



         -Data Classification -Tiering,Compliance, Archiving

         -Data Storage -Flash, Fibre Channel, CiFS, NFS & LTO

         -Enterprise Networking -Software Defined, LAN, SAN

         -Servers and High Performance Computing

         -Back up and Recovery -Bare metal, Off-site, Cloud

         -Disaster Recovery / Business Continuance -Clusters, Remote Sites

         -Wide Area Networking, Remote Replication, IP

         -Virtual Desktop

         -Operating Systems

         -Server Virtualization

         -Storage Hypervisor

         -Vendor Maintenance Consolidation and Co-termination

         -Systems Integration, Project Management and Staff Augmentation





Increasingly, our Clients are requesting certain workloads and/or applications leverage Cloud services. We are partners with IBM and many boutique vendors that through experience, we have come to rely and trust in this space. As we collectively continue to decrease costs in order to meet ever optimized budgets, First Light has found success leveraging economies of scale as our partner customers see fit. Not every organization can outsource 80% of data processing, communications and record keeping systems though in certain circumstances some may. We will work with you to find the right balance between keeping systems in house and trusting vendors to host and operate others.

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